Private Lessons

Private Lessons

“Janet helped to me to make a smooth transition to a heavier Fach, and all that entails in terms of finding the right new repertoire, the new technical challenges and then putting that into practice in auditions and on the stage. She is an incredible teacher, mentor and coach.” – Leigh Adoff, Soprano

You receive an assessment of your correct voice type or “fach” as well as technical exercises and repertoire suggestions to build your vocal technique. I assess your individual performance potential, based on your unique vocal history.

Goal Setting

Together, we formulate and work toward specific, measurable and attainable singing and performance goals, which motivate and elevate you towards performance success.

Technical and Kinesthetic Training

We systematically focus on the vocal, physical and emotional factors that require correction or development in order for you to achieve your performance goals.

Mental Training

I encourage you tap into your mind’s resources by teaching specific methods to effectively regulate nervous energy for optimal performance, direct and maintain your desired focus, increase your self-confidence and support your own goals.

Performance Opportunities

I provide regular performance opportunities where you can practice and refine the tools and techniques learned in the studio. These occur in the form of monthly studio classes where singers in the studio perform for each other, two recitals a year, as well as other performance opportunities in conjunction with various workshops, master classes and partner productions in the Berlin community. These performances are often videotaped for later analysis, offering you valuable feedback to help you track your vocal and performance development and assess your progress towards achieving your performance goals.

“Janet is exactly the hands-on vocal technician that I needed. She has given me some extremely helpful tools, which are helping to strengthen both my middle register and my once elusive open vowels. Since working with her, I have gained a new perspective on resonance and am learning to sing with the fullness of my voice. To top it off, her pleasant personality creates the perfect learning atmosphere.” – JoAnna Ford, Soprano