Singers learn a proven and safe vocal technique with roots in the old world training of Manuel Garcia, Dr. Gilles Bratt, Inge Börg-Iséne, Josef Hisop, Alan Lindquest, and William Vennard. The “Swedish-Italian” school of singing has produced singers like Maria Malibran, Pauline Viardot, Jenny Lind, Mathilde Marchesi, Kirstin Flagstad, Birgit Nilsson, Jussi Björling, Marilyn Horne and Birgitta Svenden. The Swedish-Italian Technique offers specific exercises that support the development of the “chiaroscuro” resonance (the Italian term indicating bright – dark), identifiable with a ringing round tone and uniform timbre throughout the singer’s range.

“Janet Williams has everything wonderful teaching requires: empathy, warm-hearted humor, a broad understanding of the Swedish-Italian singing tradition, as well as a fine analytical ear and a wealth of experience. Her impulse and exercises for audition training are very enlightening and effective and I experience more fun and the ability to express myself without fear in auditions.” – Christian Halseband, Tenor and Voice Pedagogue

Vocal technique is enhanced with mental training tools used by high performance Olympic athletes, which have been adapted to the specific needs of singers. Building mental muscle enables the singer to consistently perform their best, especially in high-pressure situations. Singers learn to positively channel nervous energy, focus past distractions, memorize quickly, and build self-confidence.

“The lesson with Janet Williams is a relaxed and concentrated working environment full of mutual respect. Our work on my “piano” in the Belcanto style “sotto voce” has given my voice the freedom that allows me to play with a new dynamic dimension in my sound.” – Clemens Gnad, Baritone

The vocal and mental training is then put into practice during regular public performances, which are videotaped for private analysis. Singers then have a clear record of their progress toward their singing and performing goals.

“Janet Williams is a very perceptive, creative teacher whose years of stage experience prepare you thoroughly for the opera and concert stage. Not only does she teach a solid technique that gives you confidence and ease in vocal production, but she also gives you a feeling of love and understanding for the music, always supporting the singer to find the best way.” – Patricia Holtzmann