Performance Enhancement by Design –
Making your dreams your coming attractions!

Welcome to Performance Enhancement by Design (PED).  I founded PED to empower singers to maximize their vocal and performance potential.

“I started working with Janet about two years ago and it has transformed my life.  She is a superb teacher who has managed to help me revive my dreams. I couldn’t be happier as I’m finally singing with the right Fach with my full body and voice. “ – Patricia Forbes, Contralto

I use a dynamic combination of technical and mental training to motivate you to reach the specific goals you set. My extensive international performing and teaching experience puts me in a unique position to help make your dreams your coming attractions.

  • As a Singer, I provide first hand knowledge of the business of performing and offer practical information and advice from an insider’s perspective.
  • As a Teacher,I inspire you to stretch beyond any perceived limits by giving you specific tools for a solid vocal technique.
  • As a Coach, I offer you mental training used by elite athletes and world-renown performers along with a variety of practical performance experiences.
  • As a Writer, I give you a blueprint for building your competitive edge in  my book, Nail Your Next Audition, The Ultimate 30-Day Guide for Singers.
  • As a Partner, I bring you together with experts from the Vocal Collective representing all aspects of the performance arena to enhance and customize your training.

Let PED build a success strategy just for you.

“Not only is Janet Williams a master technician, with incredible ears, an innate sense of what one needs in terms of technical help and training, but since she has graced the worlds major stages, she knows what it means to put that knowledge into practice, not just as theory in the studio.” – Leigh Hamilton, Soprano