All Workshops

All Workshops

Workshops, Seminars and Master Classes offered include:

Performance Mastery Workshop

Discover and learn to implement the 7 skills necessary for optimal performance to occur.

The Mock Audition

Singers auditioning for Hochschule admissions, agents or theaters, competitions or concerts – Perform your repertoire before a panel of academic and industry professionals. Receive private consultation and feedback. Improve your chances of making a winning impression!

Awakening the Performer Within Workshop

Concentration on Role, Character Study, Improvisation, and performance environment.

“I was really surprised how much a professional could improve my acting in front of the public.” – Joachim Stegmann, Countertenor

The Audition Project Seminar

Singers prepare audition arias, CV and Demo recording, participate in mock auditions with the final mock audition being for a group of professional musicians/managers who give individual personal feedback.

Optimal Performance Master Class

One Day interactive Master Class covering the key elements of optimal performance and how to incorporate these into your daily practice routine.

Mental Training for Singers Workshop

Singers take a personal survey of several performance skills which rates their current level of proficiency. Singers then learn strategies to improve skills and present a final concert at the end of four weekend workshops.

“The lessons you’ve taught us are so important and valuable. They make us realize that success is about more than a pretty voice, but so much about personal strength, focus and optimum performance.” – Casey Cole, Soprano

Nail Your Next Audition Workshop

Based on my book Nail Your Next Audition, The Ultimate 30-Day Guide for Singers, singers meet once a week in a group setting and work through the TIME elements of optimal performance. The collective outcome goal is to “nail” an upcoming audition.

“Working with Janet always meant to make big strides. Her workshops are great! In a relaxed atmosphere I got the chance to work on many aspects that influence my singing. To work with Janet was not only valuable experience but a delight as well!” – Nina Maria Fischer, Soprano

Nail Your Next Audition Schnupperkurs

An afternoon masterclass demonstrating the LOVE elements of performance and identifying how planning your TIME assures that LOVE will be present in all your performances.

The Swedish-Italian Method of Singing

Noted international Pedagogue David Jones presents an afternoon master class demonstrating the technique of great singers like Manuel Garcia, Kirstin Flagstad and Jussi Björling.

David Jones: Teacher Mentoring Program

During this three-day workshop, David Jones offers voice teachers tips on recognizing fachs, guiding singers through vocal crisis and injury, menopause, and fach changes, tips for training “difficult” voice types , incl.- tenors, helden tenors, contraltos, zwischen fach singers. David works with singers relating to the subject of each class. A question and answer period follows the teaching demonstrations.

Focus and Flow in the Performance Cycle

The secret to experiencing “flow” in performance lies in the ability to shift your focus between the three stages of the Performance Cycle.

  1. Do you find it difficult to turn off the chatter in your brain while performing?
  2. Do your audition, competition, and performance experiences often fail to meet your expectations, even after careful preparation?
  3. Do you want to experience more flow in your performances?

Learn the secrets to: Activate more right brain activity and experience more flow in your performing Master the delicate balance between „control“ and „letting go“ during performance. Find the “Zone” – the art of „allowing“ and „letting go”. Practice techniques you’ve learned in a live performance.