David Jones

David L. Jones, a native Texan, studied at Texas Christian University and pursued Graduate Research at the University of North Texas. After suffering vocal difficulties over a period of years, he decided to seek out a vocal technician of Old World training. It was indeed fortunate that he found Alan R. Lindquest. It was Lindquest who helped him to understand the Old Italian School with the Swedish influence. In 1979, Mr. Jones studied with Alan Lindquest, whose first two teachers were students of Manuel Garcia. It was Lindquest’s study with Inge Börg-Iséne (a teacher of Kirsten Flagstad) and Joseph Hislop (Jussi Bjoerling’s first teacher) in 1938 and 1939 that prepared him to become one of the finest technicians in the United States. Presently, David Jones presents master classes for the training of professional singers and singing teachers . His understanding of the Old World training of the voice, and his knowledge of vocal science have worked together to enlighten and inspire professors from the Manhattan School of Music and the Julliard School in New York, as well as at Universities in California, Texas, Tennessee, and Michigan as well as Rekyavik Iceland. David Jones teaches regularly in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Geneva and Berlin.

Performance Enhancement by Design

Performance Enhancement by Design, founded by american soprano Janet Williams in 2006, presents a variety of vocal experts in workshop, master classe and seminar settings and offers performance opportunities designed to empower singers and maximize their vocal and performance potential.